the top 100 worthless places to visit

Top 100 Pointless Websites

After sharing over 200 sites, which included a total of 40 pages, we decided to create our own top 100 pointless websites list. The majority of these places have already been shared on our site. However, we have also included some of the latest crap that’s cluttering the Web.

To see a list of 100 weird websites, visit: For easy navigation, they divided their list into 10 separate categories.

Our top 100 is based on three things: The most worthless, humor and website popularity.

We must admit that with so many stupid places to choose from, it wasn’t easy putting a top 100 list together. Just remember, the lower you scroll down the page, the dumber they get.

Parrot GIF

Some of the following sites include a link that takes you directly to the page. Not all web pages are compatible on all devices. If you are having issues with any of them, try a desktop.


Our top 100 list starts off with a dime. Yes. Nothing but an image of a dime.

99. Endless.Horse

It’s all in the URL. Go to the Endless Horse, and that’s exactly what you will get.


Is It White is a white screen until you click anywhere. The word “NO” shows up at the top.


The word “NO” with a white background. Click on No and it gets stupider.


Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet? According to this page, the answer is “NOPE.”


Another page with a stupid question. Will the future be awesome? Their answer is “MAYBE.”


Go to Is My Computer On and look at the top of your screen. The answer is “Yes.”


Is Nickelback the worst band ever? According to this web page, the answer is a big “YES.”


This is another URL asking a question. The answer is yes, taxation is still theft.


The word “All” is all you get here.


A pink background with the word “Fabulous.”


Come here and you will see a screen that’s purple.


Go to Random Colour and each time you hit your refresh button, your screen changes color.


Just a crouton sitting at the top left of your screen.


A useless site indeed. For some reason, they have a “Donate” button.


Place your cursor over the word “Pointless” and have some fun while you break it into pieces.


At Please Wait, you will wait for absolutely nothing.


Waste some time here at Pay For Nothing Club. You pay 99 cents and get nothing in return.


Another good time killer. Make red and black rectangles small. Hit refresh and start all over.

Warning: These robots may make you a bit dizzy.


fictional cyborg Evangelion

Watch a fictional cyborg Evangelion (or EVA) run super fast. If you want to keep her running, you first have to pay up. The owners placed a donate button at the bottom of your screen.


When we first shared Moms Spaghetti a few months back, a weird version of the song “Lose Yourself” would play over and over. Today, the remix of the hit by rapper Eminem no longer exists. So now all you get is Eminem surrounded by plenty of delicious-looking spaghetti.


Hilarious images of famous people without their eyebrows.


Exactly what the URL says: Women Laughing Alone with Salad. This is a Tumblr blog dedicated to a stock photo trend which involves very happy women eating a salad.


Music Emojis is another Tumblr blog. It has funny emojis of Marilyn Manson, Katy Perry and Britney Spears.


A button that can cure anything. Just type in what you want cured and hit the big blue button.

74. Gorgeous.TV

More like a weird website than anything. Place your cursor on any cat and they will introduce themselves. Click on a cat and it gets more weird. It also makes absolutely no sense.


A silly GIF with a mink that takes a fish out of a bucket and then takes off with it.


A white noise machine with three different sounds. Choose the white, pink or brown button.


This is what happens when you fall asleep watching a DVD. Pick a selection of 13 different DVDs.


A very strange interactive web page with what appears to be a female robot.


Another odd page that involves a pair of legs and a spider web.


A virtual fireplace in the comfort of your own home.


Type in any message and watch it with your choice of style, basic, magic or heart.

66. EmojiParty.Club

A fun place for those who love those trippy/interactive sites. You can control the music with your cursor. You can also add some emojis. The more emojis you add, the crazier things get.


puppy tummy

To the left is an image of a dog. To the right is a fat hairy guy.


No. It’s not the television show called Hardcore Pawn. It’s Hardcore Prawn Lawn. It involves a bunch of prawns dancing all over a lawn.


Draw some zig-zag patterns with a variety of colors.


Named after American painter Paul Jackson Pollock. A site similar to Zig-Zag Philosophy. The only difference is that here you can use paint and create cool designs instead of just zig-zags.


Turn your audio on and find the invisible cow.


Make one large circle shrink and multiply into many more circles of various sizes.


Nothing but a boring instrumental song and a donation button at the bottom.


Listen to the song called Hip Hop Hooray by Naughty By Nature. Well, part of it.


At, you will hear another part of Hip Hop Hooray. Then, you will be sent to


At Random Goat, you get a variety of random goat GIFs. Click anywhere to get new one.


Funny GIFs of Bill Cosby. Each time you click on your screen, you will get a different GIF.


Grab a pair of sunglasses and put them on the green guy’s head. Then you will hear an annoying song and see the word “Tane.”


Listen to a different instrumental version of the song Waterfalls (by the music group TLC) while you move salmon from one side of the screen to the other.

52. Get.Your-D.TK

One of the strangest sites on this list. May be the most bizarre we have ever shared. Check it out, and you will surely see why.


Zoomquilt is another weird site an infinitely zooming image of bizarre things.


Bees Bees Bees

A GIF with Oprah Winfrey, her audience and thousands of bees.


Have some fun adding all kinds of hilarious accessories to a teenage boy’s face. You can also give him some facial hair and different hairstyles (including a huge Afro).


Paint the nails of a hand using a variety of designs.


A very stupid page with a chicken like no other.


The so-called “Gay Test” is a test that claims to determine whether you are gay or straight.


A tweet button that follows your cursor around.


A funny, stupid and crazy place with George W. Bush, Arnold Schwarzenegger and other famous people.


A crazy illusion not worth waiting for. Why? What you get is a fat lady that pulls her pants down and farts.


Speaking of farts, that’s what Lol Farts is all about. Read the senseless and crazy content.


Here a bat will go back and forth while it farts.

The next 20 web pages come from the wonderful collection of artist Rafaël Rozendaal. Some of these are places we have never shared before. Also, some of Rozendaal’s work is not included in the next twenty, but is somewhere else on this post for various reasons (such as popularity). 


future physics

Take a trip though space at Future Physics. You have the power to alter the location of each planet.


Watch a game of checkers being played by someone in cyberspace.

Throw trash into a trash can. After you make it in, it will come back out so you can do it again.


The location of your cursor determines whether it is a sunny or rainy day.


A place that makes you feel trapped. It’s quite obvious why they named it “Something Open.”


A security safe you can never open.


Hear a telephone that never stops ringing. The screen is pitch-black.


Virtual toilet paper you can actually empty and then refill.


Each kiss will make this couple change colors.


Just a switch you can turn on or off. Although nothing turns on nor off.


Make letters and crazy designs that turn into drops of blood.


Mr. Nice Hands are actually not that nice. If you click on anywhere on either hand, you will hear farts.


Another hand. However, this one doesn’t trigger farts. If you click on the fingers, they will slightly move. That’s about it.


Every time you move your cursor, you will hear the sounds of a mosquito.


Have you ever visited a site where your cursor is non-existent? If not, here is your first!


Popcorn won’t stop popping until you either click on the screen, or exit the page.


A colorful volcanic eruption. Use your cursor to make it pause.


A place where nothing happens. Well, except for a tranquil illusion.


Spin a wheel as many times as you want. That’s all you can do here.


A web page in need of nothing besides Facebook likes. In the middle of your screen is a Facebook button if you care to like it. For some reason, it has over 279 thousand likes!

20. TheMostUselessWebsite.Online

waste your time here

Although it didn’t make it to #1, it certainly made it to the top 20. Read a bunch of nonsense sentences as you view ridiculous GIFs (including videos) that make absolutely no sense at all.


According to the owners of this website, it is defined as “an exploration into the serendipitous collisions that occur between two randomly generated arrays.” Here you will see a new random GIF every four seconds. However, if you click anywhere on your screen, you will get a new one immediately. Enjoy the song as it is the perfect fit for Cachemonet.


A page that is based on a large toad-like fictional creature called a Hypnotoad. He uses his droning hum and large glowing eyes to hypnotize humans and animals. This creature also hypnotizes people who write Internet articles that are about ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.


A single-serving website created way back in 1999. Here you will always get a warm welcome. You probably don’t want to hear: “Welcome to” over and over again.


An old man with covered private parts. We advise you not to click anywhere near them.


When we first shared this place, you used to be able to move the squirrel all over your screen. Now, he will just stand in one place and shoot his laser gun.


The longer you stay on the site, the more times you have to hear a guy in red say “Bury Me With My Money.” As he lays next to all of his gold, another guy with gold will fall from the top of your screen, and so on.

A funny image with a man, a large walrus and a blue bucket. Sadly, the walrus died in 2005.


Shortly after you wiggle a long black worm around, watch out!


Watch Alan Partridge dance nonstop to part of the Daft Punk song “Get Lucky.”

The Top 10

top 10 websites


A delicious-looking spinning taco. You can see your number of spins in the center of the taco. While the taco spins, you get to hear the song Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper.


This is one of Rafaeel Rozendaal’s most popular web pages. That is why it belongs in our top 10. Use your cursor to make the jello vibrate.


Pick between 3 types of gum. After you decide which gum you want to use, simply type in your name (or someone else’s). Then, you will see your name in gum. There is a share and print option if you actually care to show off how your name would look using gum.


You’ve probably heard of It has been shared on lists with bizarre sites all around the Web. Simply press the blue button and you will hear Darth Vader say “Nooooooooooooooo.”


At Ducks Are The Best, your cursor will create ducks that will keep multiplying. The more you use your cursor, the more ducks you will get. Your screen will be filled with ducks. With over 129 thousand Facebook likes, it’s quite obvious that some people don’t think it’s pointless.


I Love You Like A Fat Lady Apples is our #5 pick! Here you can help feed a fat lady as many apples as you like. When she gets full, the apples will come out of her (visit and find out how). Then, you can start all over again. The site has over 136 thousand Facebook likes.

4. Eel

At Eel Slap, you can have some fun slapping a man in the face with an eel. Feel free to slap him as many times as you want. This popular page has over 238 Facebook likes.


Here is our #3 pick. See random and funny cat GIFs while you hear random songs. For a new GIF, hit your refresh button. Procatinator currently has over 494 thousand Facebook likes.


Cat Bounce is our #2 pick. Here you can watch some cute little kittens bounce all over the place. If a cat stops bouncing, simply use your cursor to lift it back up.

Despite being ridiculous and totally useless, this is one of the most popular web pages we have ever shared. Surprisingly, it currently has over 760 thousand Facebook likes!


get in line for a ticket

Here it is folks! Most Exclusive Website is our pick for the top useless site in the world! Although it has very little Facebook likes, it certainly has popularity. Back in July of 2015, it was featured on The Washington Post and many other popular media sites for being the single most useless site on the entire Internet. We definitely agree! You will certainly waste a lot of time here.

To get in line and see exactly why they call themselves the Most Exclusive Website, you must first request a ticket. Then, you must wait in line. We can’t say exactly how long you will wait, but it could be many hours. Is it really worth waiting for? Probably not. Whatever you do, don’t exit the site, otherwise you will lose your spot and be forced to start all over again.

Another Place That Helps You Find Useless Junk

If you just can’t get enough of these silly sites, visit AnotherUseless.Website. This place has a large brown button (called “Do It Now”) that takes you to nothing but worthless pages on the Internet. Each web page has a rating that’s found below the URL. The ratings are based on votes by visitors. You also have the option to cast your own vote.

Also find a list of many more links on Reddit.

Top Of Page

Thanking you for checking out our top 100 pointless websites list. Come back and visit when you’re bored. As some sites shut down, we will fill their place with another website.