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Welcome to page 9. We have another list of 5 websites for you to check out. Although the last site on our list serves no purpose (other than feeding a fat lady apples), it is very popular. Amazingly there are so many ridiculous sites on the Internet that actually do well.


ZomboNow this site is not just useless, but little strange too. When you enter this page, you will hear a man’s creepy voice say “Welcome to Zombocom” over and over again. You will also hear him say “You can do anything at Zombocom.” After a minute or two, you will likely want to leave. This guy doesn’t stop talking. This web page makes no sense whatsoever.


Move Now Think LaterCome to Move Now Think Later to see nothing but a checker game being played.


The End Of ReasonThis is a web page with dark colors and some waves. Perhaps one could use this page for relaxation or open-eye meditation. So some might argue that it is not completely useless.


MinecraftstalThis is a web page that will repeatedly play the flute from the “Stal” music disc. If you want to hear the music, just hit the “click to play” text (for mobile version). Warning: The music will never stop playing. You will more than likely want to exit out after a few moments.


I Love You Like A Fat Lady Loves ApplesBy simply using your cursor, you can help feed this fat lady some apples. When she eats an apple, a lady will kick another one to her. However, there is a limit to how much she can eat. Once she is full, she gets stabbed in the back by an arm that comes out of nowhere. She is stabbed so the apples can come out of her. Then, she is ready to pig out again.

This is definitely one of the most popular pointless web pages on the Internet. It currently has 122,000 Facebook likes (and counting). Perhaps it is so popular because some people actually enjoy feeding this fat lady apples over and over again. Apparently, many think this is a great place to visit (or at least a place to visit when they are bored out of their mind).

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