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This is yet another list of those web pages we just can’t live without. Page 8 includes five websites. We must warn you about the first website on our list. In the background, you will hear some very loud dance music that may give you a big headache. This is a fair warning.


Japanese Seizure RobotsWe already warned you about the loud dance music in the background. We must also warn you about the flashing light in the background. Those silly robot GIFs may also cause a big headache. Well, if you are in the mood, check it out. Perhaps you may not mind the music.


Random ColourSee a random color every time you refresh your screen. There are no sounds or even a word of content. This site clearly serves no purpose. Just a waste of space on the Internet.


unicode snowman for youWhen you visit this page, you see a white snowman that is juggling eight balls. If you get tired of the same color, you can click anywhere on the screen and he will turn bright blue.


electric boogie woogieWe don’t know what to say about Electric Boogie Woogie. However, if you actually care to pay this place a visit, you may think it looks similar to an Atari game from the early 1980s.


cat bounceCat Bounce is a very popular and also very pointless web page. Yes. What you see above (and also in our featured image) are a bunch of cute little cats. If you click on the link, you will see them bouncing all over the place. Plus, the color of the background will change every few moments or so. The fun part about this site is that you are able to click on any of the cats and move them around. If you continue to move them, they will go a lot faster.

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