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Unlike our first five posts, this post has a specific theme. It is based entirely on dating websites that we think are useless. Of course, for some people, they may actually be useful.

Who knows? Perhaps there have been members who have gotten very lucky and met their soulmate on some (or all) of these five places. If so, they would certainly have an extremely unusual and quite interesting story to tell regarding the type of dating site they met on.

Worthless Online Dating Websites

#1 ChocolateLoversPassions.com

Chocolate Lovers Passions At last. There is now a dating website that is dedicated to chocolate lovers. However, we don’t have a clue why one would create such a theme. Don’t most people love chocolate? It is interesting to see what they will come up with next. Maybe there will soon be a website that is dedicated to people who enjoy eating hamburgers or ham and cheese sandwiches.

#2 NudistFriends.com

Nudist FriendsAre you a nudist who is looking to meet another nudist? Great. You are in luck. The website Nudist Friends claims to be the largest dating site for nudists. Really? Well, this unusual website currently has over 700,000 members. Although it may seem completely useless to most people, apparently some don’t agree. Well, whatever floats your boat. So if you like going to the nude beach, visit this place and you can find a nudist partner to take with you.

#3 MulletPassions.com

Mullet PassionsAlthough mullets have been out for quite a few years now, of course, there are still those who have them. If you are one who digs mullets or has this hairstyle, you may want to check out Mullet Passions. This place is dedicated to singles with a mullet. Silly right?

#4 Vampersonals.com

Vampire PersonalsJust when you thought these sites couldn’t get any crazier. Now there are vampire dating sites out there? This place is called Vampersonals.com. They claim to be the #1 dating site for vampire and Gothic personals. Now you can find the vampire (or Goth) of your dreams.

#5 WerewolfPassions.com

 Yes. They also have websites for werewolves (or werewolf fans, that is) and werewolf lovers. You can browse various Werewolf Groups (such as werewolf movies and werewolf television shows) to find members who share your interest. It would be amazing if there were actual success stories of people who found their soulmate on a werewolf dating site.

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