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Welcome to page 40. We have now shared over 200 websites that have nothing to offer readers. Of course, we couldn’t end this category without having another one of our theme pages. Today’s theme is a mix of stupid, interactive, bizarre, trippy and crazy websites. Although the majority of our posts have 5 web pages, this list will consist of 7 web pages.

Pages That Take You To Another World


nice legs

Use your cursor to make this woman cross her legs. Well, it’s not a woman. It is nothing but a pair of legs and red shoes. There is also a spider web behind it. When you’re bored from watching nothing but the movement of the feet and legs, you can switch to the other leg.


many boxes

Have fun making these red and black rectangles shrink and virtually disappear. Before you know it, your entire screen will be filled with many rectangles in a variety of sizes.

#3 EmojiParty.Club

make you dizzy

This is an awesome web page that will put you in another world. You are in control of the cool beats and the crazy visuals. Once you get started, you might feel like you are a DJ. Plus, have some fun filling up your entire screen with your choice of various emojis.


egg alone

Egg Alone is a new 2017 non-interactive page by Dutch-Brazilian visual artist Rafaël Rozendaal. Here, all you get is nothing but an egg that spins in circles. Rozendaal is known for his moving images and web pages (which we shared in past articles). According to Wikipedia, his sites get a lot of traffic. That is, over 40 million unique visitors per year.



Check out another fun and trippy page we found. This place is called Zigzag Philosophy. The big difference between this and the last two pages is that this one has no sounds.


fun pointless page

Apparently someone created a web page with the word “Pointless” in the center of the screen. But that’s not it. You can make the letters turn into little pieces, making the word virtually vanish. If you wait a just few moments, the pieces will turn back into the word.


all about muffins

Now this is a very wacky place. It’s all about muffins. Of course, muffins are very delicious to most people. However, is it really necessary to create an entire website about it? Muffin Films is a collection of short video clips about muffins. Even the videos are very strange.

If you want to see many more pointless and bizarre websites, visit The page is titled Which Are The Weirdest Websites On The Internet?

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