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Welcome to page 4. Here we go again. We have another list of five websites that provide zero use to viewers. The first two are not only worthless, but also pretty ridiculous. These webmasters are so desperate. What people will do for some money and Facebook likes.

#1 PleaseDonate.biz

donateNow who would create a web page that has nothing but a “donate button” in center of the screen? That is a question to ask the creator. Apparently, their strange idea seems to be working for them. They have been around since 2011 and have people (like us) who are linking to them. Why is that? Probably because their entire idea is rare, or perhaps unique.

#2 PleaseLike.com

Please LikeHere is yet another desperate attempt to achieve a high number of Facebook likes. Go to Please Like and you will see that the owner had an unusual plan that so far has been quite successful for them. They currently have well over 200,000 Facebook likes, and counting.

We don’t know why the owner wanted to get so many likes. Yes. If you are a business owner, it makes perfect sense to want to get as many likes for your site as you possibly can. However, when the actual website is nothing but a Facebook like button, it makes no sense.

#3 OuaisMaisBon.ch

ouais mais bonVisit Ouais Mais Bon to hear three bald dudes who each say a word in the French language. If you really care to hear these guys, all you have to do is just place your cursor on them.

#4 CornDogOnCornDog.com

corn dog on corn dogIf you read Page 2 of Useless Websites, you probably remember BaconSizzling.com. There wasn’t much to it. All you get is an image of bacon, and the sound of it sizzling in a pan. Well, the one-page site called Corn Dog On Corn Dog is quite similar. The only difference is you get a get an image of two corn dogs, and an entirely different song to go with it.

#5 PointerPointer.com

You might find this website a little bit fun. That is, if you are bored out of your mind. This place is quite popular in the pointless websites world (if that makes any sense). If you choose to visit Pointer Pointer, anywhere you place your cursor, you will get a different image of someone pointing to it. The site periodically changes their collection of pictures.

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