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Page 39

Page 39 is going to have a list of 5 web pages, and another one of our themes. The theme is “alone and lonely.” Each page contains just one being, creature or whatever you want to call them. Some are interactive pages. Have some fun accomplishing absolutely nothing.


puppy twister

At Puppy Twister, there will be a weird-looking creature located at the top of your screen. He will dance to a loud and obnoxious song until you hit your back button. If you look at the bottom of the page, you will notice it has over 1,000 Facebook likes. Why that many? Well, probably because some people love worthless sites no matter how stupid they are.


fly guy

We don’t know what to make of this place. All it contains is a man named Fly Guy at the top of your screen. He will take his sunglasses off, and then put them back on again. That’s about it. Oh yeah. There are also links so you can purchase the Fly Guy adventure game for a low fee. Apparently this place does have a purpose. That is, for them to make money.

#3 SneezeTheDragon    

sneeze the dragon

This place is all about making a cute little dragon sneeze out some fire. You can simply click and drag to turn him around. If you read the message that is located at the bottom of the page, it says that the longer you keep clicking, the harder the dragon will sneeze. We tried it, and that is correct. The more clicks, the more fire will come out of the his mouth.


falling guy

The only instructions for Falling Guy is to just scroll up or down. To start, click anywhere. The guy can go up or down. If you visit this once, you will likely never come back again.



If you click anywhere on your screen, you will see this guy move in virtually any direction you want. Of course, besides him moving in different directions, he does nothing else.

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