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Page 38 will consist of another theme and a list of 5 ridiculous websites. Today’s theme is “dumb and strange.” Of course, just about all of the web pages we have shared are extremely stupid. However, we don’t have many that are both dumb and strange.

Pointless, Stupid & Strange Sites


weird or confusing

Now this is a website you may have a little fun with. That is, if you like to purchase weird products online. Weird or Confusing will take you to random pages on Each page is another bizarre item for sale. Some products include baconshaped themed adhesive Bandages, Team Sports America NFL Team Forest Face, and and a book called Learning to Play With a Lion’s Testicles: Unexpected Gifts From the Animals of Africa.


that's the finger

At That’s The Finger, you can move your cursor around (anywhere around the hand) and watch the background change colors. If go to the hand and place your cursor over the middle finger, you can probably guess what you will happen. Of course, the URL says it all.


shower thoughts

Here is a place to find a bunch of worthless and senseless quotes. For example, one says “Reddit has taught me that none of my clever thoughts are original, and that none of my original thoughts are clever.” Another so-called “Shower Thought”‘ says “Parents should take 30% of their kid’s Halloween candy to teach them a valuable lesson about taxes.”



Yes. A strange page indeed. If you click on the squares of what appears to be dessert cake, they will change color (red and yellow). Well, at least you can play a little Tic-Tac-Toe.



Click on the pair of sunglasses and you will suddenly be on another page. You will hear a loud scream, and see the word “YYYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH” on the top of your screen. One might wonder why clicking on the pair of shades takes you to something completely irrelevant. Well, perhaps it’s because you need them to watch the beautiful sunset.

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