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This is Page 37. Check out another list of 5 extremely pointless places on the Web.


internet license

Of course, the page called Internet License has nothing to offer its visitors. However, the creators do have a crazy message (shown in the above screenshot) for whoever cares to pay them a visit. The message says “Your Internet License has been Revoked.” Ridiculous!


deep black hole

Now this place is a bit strange. Deep Black Hole includes nothing but a little black hole. But if you click on the hole, a rock will come from the top of your screen and land in it. What is odd is that clicking on the hole doesn’t always cause the rock to appear, just sometimes.


pointless calendar

If you are looking to purchase a very unusual and worthless gift for a friend or loved one,  Pointless Calender is the site to visit. The calendars have pointless pictures and worthless numbers too. There are no days of the week, and the numbers are in rows of ten (up to 40).

#4 googolplexian

A Googolplexian is the world’s largest number with a name. According to the website, it is a “1” followed by a googolplex of zeros. A googolplex is the second largest number with a name. It is a “1” followed by a googol of zeros. A googol is a “1” followed by 100 zeros.

What you get when you come to the above website called is nothing but a page filled with zeros. Have you ever seen this many zeros on a single web page?


random crap

Here is a site you can visit when you want to kill time. It will show you a random GIF every time you hit your refresh button. But before you see it, you must wait for 15 seconds (for every GIF). Some of the GIFs are quite funny. Of course, most of them are flat-out stupid.

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