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Welcome to Page 36! We have another list of five web pages you can visit when you are bored. Kill some time with a few of these stupid interactive web pages. But before you proceed, we must warn you about the last website on our list. If you decide to pay them a visit, make sure you have no duties whatsoever. Why? It is so relaxing, you may fall asleep.


big ass message

Type anything you want into a  little white box at Big Ass Message. You can pick between four different styles for your chosen words. Styles include basic, magic, heart and postr. After you finish typing your words and picking your style, check it out by pressing the “preview button.”


color flip

The URL to this web page is The name clearly explains it all. If you click on the above link, you can use your cursor to change the screen to a variety of colors.



This is another one of those places with nothing but a word at the top of the screen. Although we provide a link, what you see above, is what you get. The word is “Fabulous.” At least the other pages on this list were more than just a word and a pink background.



To begin your mission to find the invisible cow, just press the “Start Game” button. Then you will see a grey blank screen. In the background is the voice of a man who says “cow, cow, cow, cow….” The quicker and louder he sounds, the closer you are to finding the cow.

After you find this dumb cow, he will appear (as shown above) for a second or two. Then he vanishes. Of course, that’s all there is to it. Another web page taking up space on the Web.


Listen to the sounds of a relaxing fireplace with The Internet Fire Place. If you visit this page and look to the top left of your screen, you will see that the soothing sounds will end at 2:33. However, we don’t understand the purpose of there being a time limit. The reason is because as soon as you hit 2:33, it immediately starts again from the beginning. Ridiculous right? Then again, what do you expect from another one of those worthless web pages?

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