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Welcome to Page 34. We have another post with a specific theme. Today’s theme is “odd and interactive.” The following links take you to some bizarre and interactive sites around the Web. The last web page on our list is not just strange, but also kind of trippy and fun.

Weird/Interactive Pages On The Web


doughnut kitten

Here is another useless animal site called The only thing you will get here is a cute little cat quickly moving all over the screen while it sits in a doughnut. Well, at least you can change the frosting on the doughnut by simply taping it with your cursor.


pet the dog

At Dogs Are The Most, you can pet their stupid dog. If you keep petting this guy, he will eventually start to spin very fast. If you’re bored to death and can stand hearing the song play over and over again, you can sit around and see exactly how many times you pet him.


random text

With Random Text, you get a random text every time you refresh your screen. Of course, most people would find this place totally pointless. However, according to the website description, it was created so you can use the text in sample web pages or typography samples.


another day another word

This is another place that is quite strange. If you hit the tiny black dot towards the bottom of the page, you will be sent to another page called “archive.” From there, you can click on any month you choose. When you choose a month, you will get another screen filled with random words. To hear a voice say any word on the screen, just place your cursor on it.


a way to go

Now this is a place that regardless if you visit just once and never come back, you will likely never forget it. That is because there aren’t many places on the Internet like this.

According to the homepage of Way to Go, it is an interactive experience for humans that are between the ages of 5 and 105 (whatever that means). Well, what we could tell you is that when you enter, you will go on a journey through the woods all by yourself. You can take a walk, or float high in the air. What’s cool is that when you focus on an object (such as a tree stump) you will get a close up, which may include a bird or an insect laying on it.

Although some may consider this place fun, it’s no surprise it doesn’t seem to have a purpose.

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