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Welcome to page 3 of Useless Websites. This post contains a list of 5 sites we recently stumbled upon and thought we would share with our viewers. In the near future, we will occasionally publish posts that include a particular theme (such as useless dating sites).

#1 Can’

Can't Not Tweet ThisHere is perhaps one of the most ridiculous websites online. Click on the above link and all you get is a Twitter share button that follows your cursor wherever it goes. You will see that this one-page site has a surprisingly high number of tweets. Over 59,000, that is. Why? We have absolutely no clue. What we do know is that this particular site shows that virtually any page on the Internet can work its way towards popularity regardless of how dumb it is.


ballsWe don’t know what to say about this. Check it out and you will see just how worthless it is.


Ringing TelephoneIf you are old enough to remember the sounds of a ringing rotary dial telephone, you may want to check out Ringing Telephone. The reason is not because it is such a cool site, but so you can hear the sound all over again, if you care to. If you spend more than a minute here, you will likely become annoyed. The ringing continues until you choose to leave the site.


Giant Bat FartsWatch a little bat pass back and forth. Of course, if you paid attention to the URL, you are already aware that it does not just fly back and forth. The bat will also throw some farts each time you see it on your screen. Now why would anyone want to see a bat throw farts?


 If you want to see some GIF images of Bill Cosby, go to Then again, you can find many more by just doing a search on Google Images. If you do decide to pay this place a visit, if you click anywhere on your screen, you will get a different Bill Cosby GIF.

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