The Empire State Building

Page 29

Welcome to page 29. Here is another list of 5 ridiculous web pages you can waste your time on. Of course, they are useless, but your kids may have some fun with the second page. Also, you may find the fourth page to be a bit relaxing (just don’t stay on if for too long).


stormtrooperJust about everyone knows what a stormtrooper is. This fictional soldier from Star Wars will spin his Z6 riot control baton to the 1985 song called You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) by Dead Or Alive. Above, you will see just how many seconds you have been loyal.


flaming log This place may help you fall asleep. If you go to Flaming Log, you will be taken to an image with a big white flaming log. There is nothing in the background to look at. Although the log itself doesn’t do anything, you can sit back and watch the fire that is coming out of it.


dot on the horizon

If you care to broaden your horizons with a dot, pay a visit to Dot On The Horizon. Come here, and you will quickly see why it is probably the most worthless web page on this list.



Although this page basically serves no purpose, with the music and nice scenery, it is a bit relaxing. However, you may not want to stay on here for too long. The scene (which is only seconds long) will keep playing over and over again until you decide you’ve had enough.


102-story skyscraper

See the Empire State Building change colors on What Color Is The Empire State Building. Depending on the day, the building may change to a variety of colors such as red, and blue. At the bottom of your screen, you will get information on exactly why the color changed.

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