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Although we have shared over 100 websites that serve absolutely no purpose, there are plenty more out there. In fact, we don’t think we will ever run out of sites to share. The reason is because webmasters around the world probably won’t stop creating them. If you can’t get enough of these sites, you are in luck because we have more to share with you.


Much Better Than ThisEach time this couple kisses (shown in the screenshot above), they will both change to a different color. There are no words, nor sounds on Just a couple that kisses over and over again. The two won’t stop, until you decide it’s time to move on.


Deep SadnessClick anywhere on your screen to get random shapes, and random sounds. That’s about it.


sad trombone

Due to a lot of free time at a boring office job, the Sad Trombone button was created. Hit the instant sound button and hear it as many times as you want. Although it really does sound sad, the page is actually a humorous tool that you can use for your own office job.


Trash LoopA dark room with nothing but a little trash can, and a little bit of trash for you to throw out. Some people may have some fun here. After you throw the trash into the trash can (using your cursor and space bar for desktops), it will spit back out so you can do it all over again.


Ouais Mais BonThis place is quite hilarious, and also very stupid. If you care to pay a visit to Ouais Mais Bon, you will hear a group of three funny-looking guys (with no hair) who will each say a word in French. Use your cursor and place it on either of the 3 men. From left to right, you will hear “Ouais”, “Mais”, or “Bon”.  The words translate to “yeah”, “but”, and “good” in English.

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