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Welcome to our second page of the most worthless web pages online. We found 5 that are so stupid, you may not believe they are real. Of course, to find out if they are real, all you have to do is click on the links. You will quickly discover that pages this silly, actually exist.


nootWe will first start off with It is just one page with a penguin. You will hear the penguin say “noot, noot” every time you click anywhere on the screen. It’s very easy to toot its noot. Watch the noots add up by viewing the Twitter button in the middle of the screen.


SangerSo you want to see a pug lick a window? Well, there is no better place to go than Sanger. It never stops licking. Can you think of one good reason why one would create this page?


thefoDo you remember Fonzie (played by actor Henry Winkler) from the American sitcom called Happy Days? At, a confident and happy Fonzie flashes a thumbs-up. The creator of this place sure loves this guy. They have a rather large collection of Fonzie pictures.


Oct82There is not much to say about this place. Check it out for yourself. It is certainly a bit odd. Once again, it’s hard to believe that people take the time to launch a site as futile as this.


 Do you love bacon for breakfast? If you go to Bacon Sizzling, you will see some delicious-looking bacon that will likely make you want to pull it right out of your screen and eat it.

You may be wondering how a page that probably took very little time to create, actually has over 20,000 Facebook likes. It makes no sense at all, right? Well, maybe it is all just because people love bacon. It could also be because people love to hear the sound of tasty bacon sizzling in a pan. Other than making you extremely hungry, this site has nothing to offer.

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