Partridge Gets Lucky

Page 15

This is the last page in our Pages 11-15 category. We have another set of 5 websites you will want to check out.  As you can see from the man in our featured image, at least one site on this list involves some music. Let’s begin with a web page that has a URL similar to ours.


Useless SiteThe first website on our list is called . If you care to click on the above link, you will see exactly why the webmaster chose to place the word “useless” into the URL.

If you check the box that is located between the arrow and the blank screen (simulation), all you will get is a hand that points directly at the arrow. For what reason? None at all.


CottageinnThe web page is called The following sentences will tell you everything about this place: You should not be here. Go Away. You should not be here. Go Away.

These sentences are repeated many times. However, they only take up a small portion of your screen. The remaining space is nothing but a white screen. An idiotic page indeed.


Chris MckenzieHave a lot of fun watching this pink head follow your cursor wherever it goes. Well, not that much fun. Besides following your cursor around, it does nothing else. For some reason, it is liked by many people. It currently has over 24 thousand likes on Facebook.


I Has A BucketThere is really no reason to visit the next page on our list. However, if you do decide to click on the link, expect to see the same image you see above. Well, at least it is cute and funny.

#5 You have probably heard of the popular song by Daft Punk called Get Lucky (released in 2013). If you enjoy listening to it (like Alan Partridge obviously does), you may actually like this web page. Except the problem is, you don’t get to hear the entire song. Other than hearing a small part of the song, and watching Alan Partridge dance, that’s all you get here.

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