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This is Page 14. We have another list of 5 websites to share with you. Besides being totally worthless, one site is also a bit wacky. As you can see from our featured image, the owner decided to make former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger look like a lady. They even gave him a few different colored wigs. Doesn’t he make one extremely grotesque woman?

#1 EverydayI’

Everyday I'mYou may have heard of the popular 2006 song from hip-hop superstar Rick Ross called Everyday I’m Hustlin’. If you actually care to hear just a small part of the song continuously, simply place your cursor over Hustlin’ (located in the center of your screen). Other than the background changing colors, there is nothing else to say about this ridiculous web page.


something open

This place may make you feel like you are trapped in another world with absolutely no chance of escape. That must be why they chose the particular name Something Open.


LeduchampSo why would one create a web page with nothing but a wheel on top of a chair? Your guess is as good as ours. If you care to spin the wheel, you can do so by simply using your cursor.

#4 Blue Ball Machine (

HanekeThere is a lot going on at Blue Ball Machine. It is basically like a large factory of machines and stick figures working together. However, other than everyone passing a bunch of blue balls around the factory, we have absolutely no idea what else they are actually trying to accomplish.


George BushNow here is a pointless page that will probably make you laugh. First off, have you ever seen a URL as strange as this one? As we mentioned in the beginning of this post, Arnold Schwarzenegger is dressed up as a woman. However, he is not the only one who gets a bizarre makeover.

If you navigate through the website, you will also see that there are some other celebrities who are given a funny makeover. Just look at the wacky image of former President George Bush (above). Other than a bunch of silly-looking celebrities, the site is of course, worthless.

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