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This is page 13 in our Pages 11-15 category. We are going to do another list of sites with a specific theme. Today, the theme is web pages that are not just totally worthless, but funny too. We found six sites that are quite hilarious. We thought it would be a great idea to create this type of list. After all, who doesn’t like to have a good laugh every now and then?

If you like funny websites, check out The site provides a list of some of the funniest sites on the Web. Just be sure to have a tissue ready. Why? You will need a tissue (perhaps an entire box) because these places will make you laugh so hard, you’ll cry.

Useless & Wacky Pages On The Web


crazy illusionCome here to see a crazy illusion. Well, although it might be crazy, we don’t want to call it an illusion. It is clear that after you visit the site and wait just a few moments, you will see a fat lady’s butt (shown in the above image). Plus, after she pops up on your screen, she farts. So it turns out that this site is not necessarily an illusion, but a funny April Fools’ joke.


lol fartsBefore you go to this place, make sure you are not eating. The owner of this site is obsessed with farts. If you read through the page, all this person talks about is farting.

For example there are various sayings such as “It is better to fart and bear the shame, than to spare the fart and bear the pain.” The founder of this website seems quite proud to let it out with absolutely no shame. This is not only a senseless page, but also a “wtf” page.


grandpa no clothesHere is an image of an old fart. As the URL implies, the old man is naked. Well, not exactly. He does have a sensor that is covering a part of him (you can probably guess what that part is). We should warn you not to click on the sensor. If you do, you may end up puking.


people with no eyebrows lolIf you care to see a bunch of pictures of people without their eyebrows, pay a visit to People With No Eyebrows Lol. There are a lot of funny images of celebrities on this website (such as Oprah Winfrey, Eminem, Michael Jackson, and even Jesus Christ). Other than many hilarious images of missing eyebrows, the site has nothing else to offer. Well, at least you can see how some celebrities would look if they decided to shave off their eyebrows.


metaphors of infinity

Sit back and watch some random, weird and senseless things happen simultaneously. You could use your cursor to help make some of the objects and creatures move a bit faster. Or, you can also make them move in different directions. However, we don’t recommend you click on anything. Otherwise you will be sent to a web page with a worthless zip file.


 Even if you are not a huge fan of the popular American rapper Eminem, you have probably heard of the hit song called “Lose Yourself”(released in 2002). As you can see in our featured image, Eminem is surrounded by a lot of spaghetti. He even has spaghetti arms. Once you enter this website, the song will take just a few moments to load. However, it is not exactly the same song that was performed by Eminem. It is an extremely odd remix.

You will quickly notice that even though the word “spaghetti” is used in the original song, here it is used over and over again. If you are one who likes the original song, you may not want to hang out here for too long. If you do, the next time you listen to it, it may be ruined, because you may end up hearing “spaghetti” over and over (thanks to this silly site).

This web page is certainly liked by many. It currently has over 75 thousand Facebook likes.

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