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Welcome to our first page of pointless pages on the Internet. The following list contains 5 sites that are completely worthless. If you are bored out of your mind, we recommend you check them out. Where do these people come up with these crazy and ridiculous ideas?

#1 WhiteTrash.nl

white trashYou may have some fun with this web page. It may not be so worthless after all. It is not just the man you see in the image above. You can give him all kinds of funny faces. Just click anywhere on his unhappy face and give him some cool sunglasses, a beard, an Afro and other interesting additions. Oh yeah, you also get to hear some music in the background.

#2 Nelson-haha.com

NelsonEven if you don’t watch The Simpsons, you have probably seen this guy. He is a student and the lead school bully at Springfield Elementary School. His name is Nelson Mandela Muntz.

If you click on the link above, you will not only get to see Nelson, but also hear him say “Ha-Ha!” Can you believe this page has over 5,000 tweets and over 80,000 Facebook likes?

#3 wutdafuk.com

wtfWow. Another place on the World Wide Web with absolutely nothing to offer its viewers. Besides WTF in various colors, there is not much else to say about this one-page website.

#4 IsItWhite.com

Is it white?The domain name says it all. If you click on the link, you can obviously see that the screen is white. You can also see that it must have took a lot of hard work to design this website.

#5 TenCents.info

 Unlike the previous site we mentioned, at least this page has something to look at (even though nobody cares to see a dime). When you visit this place, you will either see heads or tales. However, after visiting a few times, we noticed that each time you enter, it just keeps switching from heads to tales, and vice versa. Other than that, this page has nothing else to offer.  Once again, it probably didn’t take much time at all to put TenCents.info together.

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