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Welcome to pages 6-10 of completely useless sites we stumbled upon. Like pages 1-5, each of the following 5 pages will contain lists of a minimum of 5 websites. Plus, in this category, we will publish at least one post with a specific theme.

Most Exclusive Website

Page 10

Welcome to our tenth page. This is the final page in our Pages 6-10 category. Although the majority of our lists contain 5 sites, this post has 6. Also, this particular post has a specific theme. The majority of the following web pages are not just useless, but also a bit weird.

Every now and then, we will share lists of useless pages from other sites. We think it will be beneficial to send our viewers to see more of what is out there. After all, that is what you came here for, right? We found an interesting blog called Although their content is not based entirely on pointless sites, we found relevant lists you will enjoy. read more

Page 9

Welcome to page 9. We have another list of 5 websites for you to check out. Although the last site on our list serves no purpose (other than feeding a fat lady apples), it is very popular. Amazingly there are so many ridiculous sites on the Internet that actually do well.


ZomboNow this site is not just useless, but little strange too. When you enter this page, you will hear a man’s creepy voice say “Welcome to Zombocom” over and over again. You will also hear him say “You can do anything at Zombocom.” After a minute or two, you will likely want to leave. This guy doesn’t stop talking. This web page makes no sense whatsoever. read more

Page 8

This is yet another list of those web pages we just can’t live without. Page 8 includes five websites. We must warn you about the first website on our list. In the background, you will hear some very loud dance music that may give you a big headache. This is a fair warning.


Japanese Seizure RobotsWe already warned you about the loud dance music in the background. We must also warn you about the flashing light in the background. Those silly robot GIFs may also cause a big headache. Well, if you are in the mood, check it out. Perhaps you may not mind the music. read more

Page 7

Page 7 includes a list of 5 more websites that are pointless. Once again, we have a site that serves no purpose, but somehow has a lot of Facebook likes (over 200 thousand, that is). However, if you have read some of our other posts, the many likes may not surprise you.


Has The Large Hadron Collider Destroyed The World YetThe Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the largest single machine in the entire world. Why one would choose to create a website about the question of whether it has the destroyed the world, is something to ask the owner. As you can see from the screenshot above, all this page has to offer is a black background with the word “nope” at the top of the screen. read more

Werewolf Passions

Page 6

Unlike our first five posts, this post has a specific theme. It is based entirely on dating websites that we think are useless. Of course, for some people, they may actually be useful.

Who knows? Perhaps there have been members who have gotten very lucky and met their soulmate on some (or all) of these five places. If so, they would certainly have an extremely unusual and quite interesting story to tell regarding the type of dating site they met on.

Worthless Online Dating Websites


Chocolate Lovers Passions At last. There is now a dating website that is dedicated to chocolate lovers. However, we don’t have a clue why one would create such a theme. Don’t most people love chocolate? It is interesting to see what they will come up with next. Maybe there will soon be a website that is dedicated to people who enjoy eating hamburgers or ham and cheese sandwiches. read more