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Welcome to our Pages 36-40 category. Now we have shared over 175 websites with no value whatsoever. Of course, we have done more research online to find many more web pages to share with you. When we hit Page 40, we will have shared over 200 websites!

Page 40

Welcome to page 40. We have now shared over 200 websites that have nothing to offer readers. Of course, we couldn’t end this category without having another one of our theme pages. Today’s theme is a mix of stupid, interactive, bizarre, trippy and crazy websites. Although the majority of our posts have 5 web pages, this list will consist of 7 web pages.

Pages That Take You To Another World


nice legs

Use your cursor to make this woman cross her legs. Well, it’s not a woman. It is nothing but a pair of legs and red shoes. There is also a spider web behind it. When you’re bored from watching nothing but the movement of the feet and legs, you can switch to the other leg. read more

cool graphics

Page 39

Page 39 is going to have a list of 5 web pages, and another one of our themes. The theme is “alone and lonely.” Each page contains just one being, creature or whatever you want to call them. Some are interactive pages. Have some fun accomplishing absolutely nothing.


puppy twister

At Puppy Twister, there will be a weird-looking creature located at the top of your screen. He will dance to a loud and obnoxious song until you hit your back button. If you look at the bottom of the page, you will notice it has over 1,000 Facebook likes. Why that many? Well, probably because some people love worthless sites no matter how stupid they are. read more


Page 38

Page 38 will consist of another theme and a list of 5 ridiculous websites. Today’s theme is “dumb and strange.” Of course, just about all of the web pages we have shared are extremely stupid. However, we don’t have many that are both dumb and strange.

Pointless, Stupid & Strange Sites


weird or confusing

Now this is a website you may have a little fun with. That is, if you like to purchase weird products online. Weird or Confusing will take you to random pages on Each page is another bizarre item for sale. Some products include baconshaped themed adhesive Bandages, Team Sports America NFL Team Forest Face, and and a book called Learning to Play With a Lion’s Testicles: Unexpected Gifts From the Animals of Africa. read more

lolbro wait

Page 37

This is Page 37. Check out another list of 5 extremely pointless places on the Web.


internet license

Of course, the page called Internet License has nothing to offer its visitors. However, the creators do have a crazy message (shown in the above screenshot) for whoever cares to pay them a visit. The message says “Your Internet License has been Revoked.” Ridiculous!


deep black hole

Now this place is a bit strange. Deep Black Hole includes nothing but a little black hole. But if you click on the hole, a rock will come from the top of your screen and land in it. What is odd is that clicking on the hole doesn’t always cause the rock to appear, just sometimes. read more


Page 36

Welcome to Page 36! We have another list of five web pages you can visit when you are bored. Kill some time with a few of these stupid interactive web pages. But before you proceed, we must warn you about the last website on our list. If you decide to pay them a visit, make sure you have no duties whatsoever. Why? It is so relaxing, you may fall asleep.


big ass message

Type anything you want into a  little white box at Big Ass Message. You can pick between four different styles for your chosen words. Styles include basic, magic, heart and postr. After you finish typing your words and picking your style, check it out by pressing the “preview button.” read more