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This is pages 31-50. So far, we have shared over 150 useless websites. We’ve got more for ya! Enjoy more lists from some of the most worthless pages you will ever see.


Page 35

This is the last post on our Pages 31-35 category. What better way to end it than with another one of our specific themes? Today’s  theme is “scary and awkward.” With Halloween not far away, we thought we would share places that are spooky. Although some of the following web pages are eerie, we also found others that are flat-out awkward.

Spooky & Awkward Places With No Purpose At All



The first site on our list is called Urban Dictionary defines the word “broof” as bros drinking brews on the roof. Watch this creepy guy say the word over and over again. read more

Page 34

Welcome to Page 34. We have another post with a specific theme. Today’s theme is “odd and interactive.” The following links take you to some bizarre and interactive sites around the Web. The last web page on our list is not just strange, but also kind of trippy and fun.

Weird/Interactive Pages On The Web


doughnut kitten

Here is another useless animal site called The only thing you will get here is a cute little cat quickly moving all over the screen while it sits in a doughnut. Well, at least you can change the frosting on the doughnut by simply taping it with your cursor. read more

Mike Tyson

Page 33

This is page 33. Today, we have yet another specific theme for you. Today’s theme is “dull & dumb.” Although just about every web page we have shared is rather dumb, there are some here that could be the dumbest we have ever shared. There are also some web pages that are extremely boring. Simply click on the links below and find out for yourself!

Websites That Are Dull & Dumb


broken glass

This may be one of the safest places to vent out all the frustrations in your life. Every time you click anywhere on the screen, it feels like you are actually breaking some glass. Once you break all of the glass, the screen will turn black. Then, you can go for another round. read more

stick of gum

Page 32

This is just another list of 5 ridiculous and futile web pages we found. Check them out!



The domain name is Gnomeparty. However, according to a page on YouTube, it is not the actual name of the song. They say it is called Garden Party. If you visit and decide to stick around for awhile, you won’t get anything else. It is the same song over and over again.


dumb calculator

The domain name says it all. DumbCalculator indeed. According to the information on the site, this is the dumbest calculator in the world. Also, they say name is based off a joke from the popular social app Vine. See what the answer this calculator gives you for 9 + 10. read more

The Ugly Dance

Page 31

We are going to start this category off with another specific theme. Today’s theme is “multiply.” The majority of the following are interactive websites that you may actually find a bit fun. The web page you will likely want to bookmark is the last website on our list.

Fun Places With Things That Multiply



Another funny/stupid web page. Click a few times on each face and watch it change. Your goal is to make as many plain faces as possible turn into smiley faces. At the bottom of the page, you can see the number of “clicks” and also the number of smiley happiness caused. read more