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Welcome to Pages 26-30. With over 125 websites shared, you certainly have plenty of web pages that will keep you entertained (even though they are obviously pointless). In this category, we are going to add a minimum of 25 more sites for you to check out.

Bernie Sanders

Page 30

Page 30 will contain 5 websites based on a specific theme. The theme is “politics.” In a past post, we shared a site that will let you blow a trumpet at Donald Trump’s face. Today, you will find links to web pages about Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump.

Famous Political Leaders On The Pointless World Wide Web


bouncing Trump

Unlike the site called, there is absolutely nothing you can do here. Well, you do get to see Donald Trump’s head bouncing all over the place. That’s about it.

#2 read more

The Empire State Building

Page 29

Welcome to page 29. Here is another list of 5 ridiculous web pages you can waste your time on. Of course, they are useless, but your kids may have some fun with the second page. Also, you may find the fourth page to be a bit relaxing (just don’t stay on if for too long).


stormtrooperJust about everyone knows what a stormtrooper is. This fictional soldier from Star Wars will spin his Z6 riot control baton to the 1985 song called You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) by Dead Or Alive. Above, you will see just how many seconds you have been loyal. read more

Page 28

Here you will see some more of those web pages that are not only useless, but also funny. Check out the URLs on this list. Some of the names alone are bizarre. Visit these places, and you will surely see that they are not just stupid, but also a bit odd and humorous.

#1  Sick.Bike

more sick bikes site

Other than the cool domain name, Sick Bike is just another useless website. If you go to the homepage, you will see an image of a so-called “sick” bike. That’s it. Well, at least  viewers can check out the section called View More Bikes. It has a few pictures of more “sick” bikes. read more

pickle donkey knife

Page 27

Welcome to page 27. This list contains five ridiculous web pages. Besides being completely senseless and extremely stupid, you may actually find some of them to be somewhat amusing. Let’s begin with the first website on our list. It is titled “Can’t Not Tweet This.”


tweetOf course, virtually everyone has heard of the popular 1990 song from MC Hammer called “U Can’t Touch This.” Well, this place is called Can’ However, it has absolutely nothing to do with the song. It is only a “Tweet Button” that follows your cursor wherever it goes. Oh yeah. You will also see each word of the URL in the background. read more

cool bug

Page 26

We are back to share another set of five ridiculous websites. The first four are extremely worthless pages. However, at least the last site on this list has something to offer. Although the URL is titled “Sad And Useless,” surprisingly, some of the material is actually hilarious.


I Am A Turtle This pointless web page is all about the words “I Am A Turtle.” According to the owner, the phrase has been translated in 48 different languages. However, there are an additional 15 that are not genuine languages. One of the fifteen is the so-called language “Darth Vader.” read more