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Welcome to our pages 21-25 category. Are you ready for more of those senseless web pages? So far, we have shared over 100 useless websites! If you would like to see many more, you are in luck. The lists keep coming! Like all of our previous categories, per list, we will have a minimum of five websites.


Page 25

Welcome to our last post in our Pages 21-25 category. We thought we would close this section with another specific theme. Get ready to be grossed out because page 25 will consist of 5 extremely “disgusting” websites. Warning: Make sure you are not eating when you view these web pages. If you choose to ignore our warning and check these places out while you are in the middle of a meal, you may need to run to the restroom and puke!

Stupid & Absolutely Revolting Sites


opposite of poopWhat is the opposite of poop? Well, according to, the answer is “pee.” All you will get out of this ridiculous web page is the word “PEE” in the color yellow. You can probably guess exactly why the background is the color brown. read more

Dan Dan Dan

Page 24

This is Page 24. Just a couple more posts left in Pages 21-25. If you read our Page 15 post with the character Alan Gordon Partridge (played by English actor and comedian Steve Coogan), you saw a website with him dancing nonstop to the hit song Get Lucky by Daft Punk. Well, he is back again and is featured in the last website on this list. This post will contain 5 web pages. At least three out of the five offer more than just a picture or a word.


The Dastardly Digit of DestinyOur first page is called Dastard Digit Of Destiny.  As soon as you enter this place, you will see that there is not a lot going on here. Just an image of a hand and a very long index finger. read more


Page 23

Welcome to page 23. Once again, we have another list of fruitless web pages you can check out. We found 5 more places that do nothing else besides take up space on the Web. A few of these sites probably took less than 5 minutes to design. It seems that the more places we find, the stupider they get. Let’s get started with our first site called “Click To Remove.”


click to removeA pointless game where you simply “click” each letter to remove it (including the period) from the screen. Then, once the text is all gone, the white box will disappear, and the screen will turn black. The text will then reappear so you can start the game all over again. read more

chicken on a raft

Page 22

For page 22, we put together another list with a specific theme. The theme will be “music.” Although in the past we have shared many sites that play songs, we have yet to include a list where all five play music. We have to warn you that some of these songs may be rather annoying. However, some people may actually like them, and may even want to dance.


PonyspinWatch a cute little pony spin to the 1985 song by the British band Dead or Alive called “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record).” After a few spins, you will find a message at the top of your of the pony that says “You’re now officially a brony.” A brony is a fan of My Little Pony. read more

funny faces

Page 21

Although we have shared over 100 websites that serve absolutely no purpose, there are plenty more out there. In fact, we don’t think we will ever run out of sites to share. The reason is because webmasters around the world probably won’t stop creating them. If you can’t get enough of these sites, you are in luck because we have more to share with you.


Much Better Than ThisEach time this couple kisses (shown in the screenshot above), they will both change to a different color. There are no words, nor sounds on Just a couple that kisses over and over again. The two won’t stop, until you decide it’s time to move on. read more