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Welcome to our pages 16-20 category. We are going to share a bunch of stupid and worthless sites on the Internet. We have already shared nearly 80 websites. We are not going to stop anytime soon. There will be plenty more to share with you. As long as people continue to make web pages that clearly serve no purpose, we will continue adding them to our lists.

staggering beauty

Page 20

Welcome to our last post in our Pages 16-20 category. We decided to end this category with another specific theme. Today’s theme is going to be “creepy/strange.” We have a list of websites that are either creepy, strange, or both. There are a couple of pages that make no sense whatsoever. Then again, there aren’t very many sites we share that do make sense.

Useless, Strange, & Creepy Web Pages


Are you being watched?A bizarre interactive web page that is filled with many creepy eye balls that multiply. These little guys will also follow you everywhere. Wherever your cursor goes, so do the eyeballs. read more

Hippo Hippo

Page 19

Welcome to Page 19 in our pages 16-20 category. We have been scouring the Web to bring you the stupidest and of course, the most pointless stuff out there. We have another list of sites you will find completely worthless. This list will contain five. If you are feeling bored and have nothing better to do, why not kill some time by visiting these silly web pages?


Is It Christmas Similar to (shared in our very first post), is the silly one-page website called The only difference between the two is that instead of nothing but a white blank screen, Is It Christmas has the word “NO” located in the middle of your screen. read more

Trump Donald

Page 18

Page 18 will be our third post in a row with a specific theme! Today’s theme is going to be funny/stupid. We thought we would share a list of 5 websites that not only have no goal whatsoever, but also have a little bit of humor and stupidity. Get ready for a good laugh!

As you can see from our featured image, we have also included a hilarious web page that is dedicated to a 2016 presidential candidate. Let’s get started with a bunch of silly cat GIFs.


chill out and watch some cat gifsThe name says it all. Just chill out and watch cat GIF after cat GIF. You will probably find most of these GIFs cute and quite amusing. This the perfect place for all cat lovers to visit. read more

Trippy Websites

Page 17

Are you ready for another post with a specific theme? The theme for page 17 is going to be “trippy.” The following websites are not just pointless, but also have the capability of tripping you out. The webmasters more than likely designed them for stoners and acid trippers. However, you don’t need to be high to get an extremely trippy experience. If you don’t believe us, simply check these web pages out and you will quickly see for yourself.

Sites That Are Pointless And Trippy


LacquerlacquerWe really don’t know what to think of this very peculiar place. Other than making you feel like you are virtually painting someone’s nails, there is really nothing else to it. Wiggle on! read more

Bea Arthur Mountains Pizza

Page 16

This is the first post in our Pages 16-20 category. We are going to start this category off with another specific theme. Today’s theme is “food.” A list of senseless pages that are about food. We’ve scoured the World Wide Web to share 5 websites with you. Feel free to click on the direct links and check them out. That is, if you are bored and have nothing else to do.


Taco SpinListen to the big 1983 hit by Cyndi Lauper called Girls Just Want To Have Fun. Oh yeah. We cannot forget to mention that in the center of your screen is a taco that will continuously spin. Plus, in the center of the taco is a number that will go up after each complete spin. read more