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Welcome to our pages 11- 15 category. Of course, in this category, each post will include a minimum of five websites. Like we did in our previous category (pages 10-15), we will also include at least one post with a specific theme. One will be on web pages that are not just useless, but also funny.

Partridge Gets Lucky

Page 15

This is the last page in our Pages 11-15 category. We have another set of 5 websites you will want to check out.  As you can see from the man in our featured image, at least one site on this list involves some music. Let’s begin with a web page that has a URL similar to ours.


Useless SiteThe first website on our list is called . If you care to click on the above link, you will see exactly why the webmaster chose to place the word “useless” into the URL. read more

Page 14

This is Page 14. We have another list of 5 websites to share with you. Besides being totally worthless, one site is also a bit wacky. As you can see from our featured image, the owner decided to make former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger look like a lady. They even gave him a few different colored wigs. Doesn’t he make one extremely grotesque woman?

#1 EverydayI’

Everyday I'mYou may have heard of the popular 2006 song from hip-hop superstar Rick Ross called Everyday I’m Hustlin’. If you actually care to hear just a small part of the song continuously, simply place your cursor over Hustlin’ (located in the center of your screen). Other than the background changing colors, there is nothing else to say about this ridiculous web page. read more


Page 13

This is page 13 in our Pages 11-15 category. We are going to do another list of sites with a specific theme. Today, the theme is web pages that are not just totally worthless, but funny too. We found six sites that are quite hilarious. We thought it would be a great idea to create this type of list. After all, who doesn’t like to have a good laugh every now and then?

If you like funny websites, check out The site provides a list of some of the funniest sites on the Web. Just be sure to have a tissue ready. Why? You will need a tissue (perhaps an entire box) because these places will make you laugh so hard, you’ll cry. read more

Page 12

Welcome to page 12 on Once again, we researched the Web to find yet another list of 5 websites with no purpose whatsoever. We found a couple of web pages that may drive you insane, and another that you may actually like. Interestingly, many may find the last website (#5) to be a bit funny (and also very cute, if you like cats).


Heeeeeeeey.comThe following two sites go hand in hand. Back in 1993, there was a song by American hip hop group Naughty by Nature called “Hip Hop Hooray.” Visit and you will hear “Heeeeeeeeey” from the song. Then, you will be taken directly to read more

omg laser guns pew pew pew

Page 11

This is the first post in our Pages 11-15 category. We are going to start off with a specific theme. Like always, all sites are pointless. Today’s specific theme is animals. Of course, in the past, we have shared other useless web pages that were about a variety of different animals. However, today, all five of the websites on our list will be about a specific animal.

A List Of Futile Pages Using Animals


ducks are the bestThe owner of this page obviously loves ducks quite a bit. Just look at the URL they chose. If you really care to visit this place, you will watch one duck multiply into many more. All you have to do is use your cursor. Everywhere your cursor goes, they will go (as they will also multiply). You also get to hear some duck sounds, and the “DuckTails” theme song. read more