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Welcome to pages 1-5 of worthless sites we found on the Internet. Each of the 5 pages will contain lists of at least 5 sites.

Page 5

Welcome to our fifth page in our Pages 1-5 category. Like our previous posts, the following contains a list of five websites that are ridiculous and completely worthless. Here are some more places you can visit when you have absolutely nothing better to do with your time.


Pixels FightingAt Pixels Fighting, that is exactly what you get. Visit this web page and basically all you see is pixels in a constant battle with each other. So what is the purpose of this? We have no clue.

That is all there is to it. Oh wait. Each time you refresh your screen, the colors will change. So if you really care to spend more than a minute here, at least you will see various colors. read more

pointer pointer

Page 4

Welcome to page 4. Here we go again. We have another list of five websites that provide zero use to viewers. The first two are not only worthless, but also pretty ridiculous. These webmasters are so desperate. What people will do for some money and Facebook likes.


donateNow who would create a web page that has nothing but a “donate button” in center of the screen? That is a question to ask the creator. Apparently, their strange idea seems to be working for them. They have been around since 2011 and have people (like us) who are linking to them. Why is that? Probably because their entire idea is rare, or perhaps unique. read more

Instant Cosby

Page 3

Welcome to page 3 of Useless Websites. This post contains a list of 5 sites we recently stumbled upon and thought we would share with our viewers. In the near future, we will occasionally publish posts that include a particular theme (such as useless dating sites).

#1 Can’

Can't Not Tweet ThisHere is perhaps one of the most ridiculous websites online. Click on the above link and all you get is a Twitter share button that follows your cursor wherever it goes. You will see that this one-page site has a surprisingly high number of tweets. Over 59,000, that is. Why? We have absolutely no clue. What we do know is that this particular site shows that virtually any page on the Internet can work its way towards popularity regardless of how dumb it is. read more

bacon sizzling

Page 2

Welcome to our second page of the most worthless web pages online. We found 5 that are so stupid, you may not believe they are real. Of course, to find out if they are real, all you have to do is click on the links. You will quickly discover that pages this silly, actually exist.


nootWe will first start off with It is just one page with a penguin. You will hear the penguin say “noot, noot” every time you click anywhere on the screen. It’s very easy to toot its noot. Watch the noots add up by viewing the Twitter button in the middle of the screen. read more

ten cents

Page 1

Welcome to our first page of pointless pages on the Internet. The following list contains 5 sites that are completely worthless. If you are bored out of your mind, we recommend you check them out. Where do these people come up with these crazy and ridiculous ideas?


white trashYou may have some fun with this web page. It may not be so worthless after all. It is not just the man you see in the image above. You can give him all kinds of funny faces. Just click anywhere on his unhappy face and give him some cool sunglasses, a beard, an Afro and other interesting additions. Oh yeah, you also get to hear some music in the background. read more