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Welcome to Useless-Websites.com. We created this site to help you easily find the most pointless web pages on the Internet. All of our pages are well-organized and fun to read. You may have heard of sites like The Useless Web (and others that are extremely similar). They allow you to only see one site at a time. Then, you have to go back to their page and click again just to find another. What makes our site different from others is that instead of seeing just one at a time, our lists have at least five all on one page. Why should you have to waste your precious time seeing just one at a time when you can see a minimum of five?

Useless WebsitesWhat Qualifies As A Useless Site?

If we search the World Wide Web and find a website that has absolutely no value, we consider it to be worthless. Even if we stumble upon a page that looks fancy and has a lot of cool graphics, if it has nothing to offer, it is worthy of being placed in one of our lists.
Although the majority of what we find only has one web page, some have multiple pages. However, just because a site has multiple pages, it does not mean it offers value to readers.

Where We Get Our Images From

The majority of our pictures are screenshots from the actual sites on our list. Some are obtained from other sources. Unless they are in the public domain, we will site the source.

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