Weird and Useless

15 Weird Websites That Are Totally Useless

If you are looking for useless, but also weird websites, you are in the right place. Although in the past we have shared themes that were based on odd web pages, there were only five of them. This list consists of 15 of the weirdest and dumbest places the Web has ever seen.


watching grass grow

Listen to the Rocky Balboa theme song while you view a live webcam and stupid images (including GIFs) of people mowing their lawns. Plus, wherever your cursor goes, a lawn mower follows.

2. Strobe.Cool

At Strobe.Cool, follow their simple directions and you will hallucinate (called a “stroboscopic animation”). Everything around you will become distorted. However, before you decide to proceed, read their crucial warning first. If you are sensitive to flashing lights, don’t continue.


A page somewhat like Strobe.Cool. However, it does not cause a hallucination. It makes you feel like you’re spiraling downward in a never-ending tunnel. Click anywhere on the screen and it will spiral the opposite way.

4.  blä.se

Nothing happens here. Well, except the word “blä” slowly moving towards you (it may remind you of a beating heart). The word virtually fills up every inch of your screen.


strange place to visit

We checked out #5 using Internet Explorer. However, if you use Google Chrome, you may get nothing besides the following message: If you can read this something went wrong. Also, if you’re using the Internet Explorer, you should really consider changing to a better browser.   

This is a very strange place to visit. Every time you hit refresh, you will get a new random video clip. We decided to try this out a few times. One of the first clips came from the movie Rocky IV. It showed the mean Soviet boxer played by Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren. We also saw some odd cartoons and a crazy guy dancing to some Techno music.


Have you ever thought about writing yourself an email? Well, at, you can. Why in the world would anyone want to write an email to themselves? Who knows. If you care to do so, just enter your email address, the subject, your message and the actual date you would like it to be sent to you. Perhaps it could be used for future reminders, but that’s what sticky notes are for right?

7.  TheBullshitGenerator: Poop.moro

Perhaps an alternative search engine that will someday replace Google? Well, not exactly. It’s called the Bullshit Generator. Type in any term and get a bizarre response for every search.

8.  Endless.Horse

When you visit Endless Horse, scroll down the page. You will quickly see exactly why the creator calls this website the “endless” horse. Of course, it makes absolutely no sense.



Take a trip to outer space. While you’re there, you get to go people watching. At 100 miles above the surface of Earth, you will see people from all over the world doing random things.


This is a site that was submitted to us a few weeks ago. At first, we didn’t know what to think of it. Today, we still don’t see the purpose. What you have here is a web page where you can play songs and advertisements from random radio stations. After playing around on this website for a while, we were able to hear a variety of songs. We also heard a Kankakee County, Illinois scanner. Of course, if anyone wanted to hear just about any song in the world, they could simply pay YouTube a visit.


At, you have just 45 seconds to draw a random Pokémon. Just hit the “Let’s Start” button and begin. After you finish your drawing, simply hit the “Check It Out” button and you will be sent to a web page that allows you to buy your own drawing on a t-shirt.

Despite being nothing other than another bizarre and stupid website, they claim to have had 50,000,000 Pokedraws and counting! Apparently millions like the site. As far as the statistics on how many t-shirts these people have sold, we don’t have the answer. Probably very few.


A new way to surf the Internet. That is, with a browser that actually spins in circles. We highly recommend that you are sober when you search using The Revolving Internet. But even if you are sober, you still might end up getting a bit dizzy from the spinning browser.

13.  CashCats.Biz

If you like cats, you will love Cash Cats. See a huge collection of pictures with cats and cash.


cats that look like Hitler

Take a look at some hilarious images of kittens that supposedly look like Adolf Hitler. The term “kitler” is defined as a kitten that resembles Hitler. The site even sells t-shirts with their Kitler logo.


A collection of worthless images that show Kim Jong-il (the former Supreme Leader of North Korea) looking at things. The creators of this website clearly have a lot of time on their hands.

If you want to check out more weird websites that are completely futile, visit Reddit’s web page called Obscure Sites of Interest.